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What is new in OpenMP 3.0 regarding C++

This blog post has been hanging around in my draft folder for quite some time now. I have been talking about the changes a lot during the last couple of days and I just found a few minutes to finish … Continue reading

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Compiler Support for OpenMP 3.0

SC08 brought us some pretty good news regarding availability of (full) support for OpenMP 3.0: Intel 11.0: Linux (x86), Windows (x86) and MacOS (x86) Sun Studio Express 11/08: Linux (x86) and Solaris (SPARC + x86) PGI 8.0: Linux (x86) and … Continue reading

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How to kill OpenMP by 2011 ?!

When I was asked to give an answer to the question of How to kill OpenMP by 2011 during the OpenMP BoF panel discussion at SC08, I decided against listing the most prominent issues and challenges OpenMP is facing. It … Continue reading

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SC08 + a visit at UH: Happy to be in the USA again

Yesterday evening I arrived in Austin, TX. I had to spend about six hours at the Chicago airport and that was not as bad as I anticipated, because as this was my third visit of this aiport I knew where … Continue reading

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My Blog has moved to WordPress

Since about two years I am running a blog on Parallel Programming over at Live Spaces. As opposed to several friends and colleagues I liked the service, but with a growing number of readers the following three issues really bugged … Continue reading

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Online Video Coverage of PDC 2008

Because of conflicting dates and my intent of keeping some scheduled events as they were planned for quite some time I decided against attending Microsoft’s PDC 2008 – which probably was the wrong decision :-(. The mainstream media is talking … Continue reading

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A performance tuning tale: Optimizing SMXV (sparse Matrix-Vector-Multiplication) on Windows [part 1 of 2]

Since a while I am involved in several teaching activities on parallel programming and in my humble opinion this also includes talking about parallel computer architectures. As I am usually responsible for Shared-Memory parallel programming with OpenMP and TBB and … Continue reading

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