Series of (German) HPC-related videos on Channel8

Last week we had the Windows HPC Server 2008 launch event in Germany. Microsoft is doing a lot of marketing for this product, which one may like or dislike. However, HPC just recently got the attention by some Channel8 activists. Channel8 is a forum with (video) content produced by students meant for students, covering all sorts of Microsoft products and technologies as well as other interesting “hot” technologies topics.

Following this link you will find five videos (as of October 21, 2008) on HPC (in German only). The first two videos are interviews with Wolfgang Nagel and Matthias Müller from the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing at Dresden University covering HPC in general. The next two videos are interviews with Dieter an Mey and me from the Center for Computing and Communication at RWTH Aachen and we are talking about our experiences and activities with HPC on Windows. The fifth video shows excerpts of our interview again, but covers parallel programming with MPI and (especially) OpenMP in general.