My Blog has moved to WordPress

Since about two years I am running a blog on Parallel Programming over at Live Spaces. As opposed to several friends and colleagues I liked the service, but with a growing number of readers the following three issues really bugged me:

  • Only people logged in with a Windows Live ID are allowed to comment. From the emails I got this stopped several people from commenting, but did not helped on my following complaint (as this functionality is intended assumingly).
  • Most of the comments I get are spam. While that is bad already, there is no function to authorize comments individually, thus I had to remove the spam manually, which is pretty tedious (even error-prone).
  • The advertising sometimes was inappropriate. I don’t mind advertising on a free service, I also don’t mind banners of dating services in general. But every now and then when I checked that a blog post is formatted correctly I found some inappropriate banners.

Because of these reasons I did a brief evaluation phase and just now decided to switch to WordPress. Using Wei Wei’s Live Space Mover I imported the last five blog posts (to have some content to be found by search engines) to this blog. I will leave the Live Space alive, but stop blogging to it and disable the comment option.

I hope the people interested in my experiments and findings will follow.