Online Video Coverage of PDC 2008

Because of conflicting dates and my intent of keeping some scheduled events as they were planned for quite some time I decided against attending Microsoft’s PDC 2008 – which probably was the wrong decision :-(. The mainstream media is talking a lot about Windows Azure and Windows 7 – which are interesting news items for sure – but not closely related to my “business”, maybe except for the fact that Windows Server 2008 R2 will be capable of handling more cores than just 64.

According to my opinion PDC 2008 brought us great news regarding the feature set of Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft’s activities on multi-core (aka Shared-Memory parallel) programming and I hope to see and learn more about this during SC08 in about two weeks from now. Meanwhile you can do the following, if you are like me interesting in this stuff:

  • Grab the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP virtual machine image from this download site and play with it. From my experience with the Visual Studio 2008 beta program I know that although my laptop is dual-core and has 2 GB of memory, running the VM on that hardware does not make a lot of fun. I am so happy that just recently I virtually “found” a two-socket quad-core (Clovertown) machine that is not suited for production as it is a Intel Software Development test machine with a pre-series chipset and pre-series CPU. I released that machine instantly from doing some stupid software and system testing task :-).
  • Watch the PDC 2008 videos that are available online. Channel 9 has a section covering PDC 2008. That is nice if you are in front of a PC and connected to the Internet, but downloading all the interesting videos from that site is a pain. Greg Duncan has put together a site containing the download links to the videos (in various formats) and the PowerPoint slides here. Grep the content for “parallel” or “concur” or “Studio”!

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