SC08 + a visit at UH: Happy to be in the USA again

Yesterday evening I arrived in Austin, TX. I had to spend about six hours at the Chicago airport and that was not as bad as I anticipated, because as this was my third visit of this aiport I knew where to find power outlets and the like (even when the official ones are full). By the way, if you don’t know it yet take a look at this WIKI from Jeff Sandquist listing power outlets at several airports.

The next week is tightly packed with a couple of HPC events and I will try to summarize interesting notes picked up on these events throughout the next couple of days:

  • SAT to MON (November 15 to 17): Sun HPC Consortium.
  • MON (November 17): 2nd Windows HPC Summit (USA).
  • MON to FRI (November 17 to 21): SC08.