Upcoming Events in March 2009

Let me use this well-linked position to announce three HPC events in March 2009.

Future Directions in High Performance Computing: 2009 – 20018. On Monday, March 23th 2009, Dr. Horst Simon (Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) will give a presentation on future directions in HPC. The talk will be given in room 637 in the SuperC building of RWTH Aachen University at 11:00h. More information can be found at the associated webpage.

Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science (PPCES). This event will continue the tradition of previous annual SunHPC events taking place in Aachen since 2001, which have been organized by the RWTH Aachen University and Sun Microsystems. We are changing the format a little bit with each year, reflecting changes in the hardware architecture (Sun UltraSparc to Intel Nehalem) and the operating systems (Solaris-only to Linux plus Windows) and programming languages (Fortran-dominated examples are disappearing). This year we intend to cover Linux, Windows and Solaris and offer all demos, exercises and examples on both Linux and Windows, demonstrating that Windows-HPC is a first class citizen with respect to our user support. The event will take place in the lecture room and the pc pool of the Center for Computing and Communication at RWTH Aachen University. More information and the option to register can be found at the event website.

2nd Meeting of the German Windows-HPC User Group (Win-HPC UG). The second meeting of the German Windows-HPC User Group will be hosted by the Technical University of Dresden and take place on March 30th and 31th. The agenda is not yet online (but will be shortly), but I am looking forward to some interesting talks. The event is sponsored by Intel, Microsoft, Megware, Sun and Transtec – we are hoping and doing our best to repeat the success of the predecessor event that took place last year in Aachen. It was harder than usual to get technical experts from these companies for a talk, but in the end we are quite happy (if you think you have something interesting to share, please contact us immediately). More information can be found at the event website and our plan is to schedule all talks between Monday 14:00h and Tuesday 17:00h to allow for comfortable travel.