Upcoming Events in March 2010

Let me point you to some HPC events in March 2010.

Windows HPC Deep Dive Seminar. Right before the User Group Meeting (see next paragraph) there will be a Windows HPC Deep Dive Seminar, hosted by the Fraunhofer SCAI at Schloss Birlinghoven in Sankt Augustin, jointly organized by the Fraunhofer SCAI and RWTH Aachen and Microsoft. The first day (March 8th) will cover  an introduction into Windows HPC Server 2008 and a hands-on installation and configuration as well as advanced management and diagnostic tasks. The second day (March 9th) will focus on parallel programming on Windows, ranging from using the Microsoft and Intel compilers and performance tools to MPI performance analysis and system performance assessment. The third day (March 10th)  is all about Visual Studio 2010 and how to use this great tool for parallel programming on Windows, as well as some aspects of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2. All the talks will be given by speakers from Microsoft, Fraunhofer SCAI or RWTH Aachen. There are some attendance costs attached to this seminar, which include lunch and dinner.

3rd Meeting of the German Windows-HPC User Group. Following the Deep Dive Seminar (see previous paragraph) the third incarnation of the German Windows-HPC User Group Meeting will take place on March 11th + 12th at Schloss Birlinghoven in Sankt Augustin, kindly hosted by the Fraunhofer SCAI. As in the previous years, we got some experts from Microsoft to present about technical aspects of current and future products, as well as users presenting their (good and not so good) experiences in using Windows HPC Server 2008 and folks from industry explaining their solutions and products. From my point of view, the last two User Group Meetings were pretty successful and I really hope for many people showing up at this event. Attendance is free, of course.

2nd Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science Workshop. Continuing the tradition of previous annual SunHPC events and last year’s PPCES, this year’s PPCES workshop will take place at RWTH Aachen University from March 22nd to 26th and cover parallel programming using OpenMP and MPI in Fortran and C/C++ on Linux and Windows platforms. This year we are going to include a half-day session on GPGPU programming as well. In general, we cover the basics of various programming paradigms, development environments and tools, performance analysis and tuning tools, as well as advanced parallel programming patterns and case studies, always providing enough time for the audience to try it themselves during the lab sessions. This course is intended for all audiences, the only prerequisite you should bring is basic programming skills in either Fortran, C or C++. You can register for all five days separately so that you can choose your favourite topics, of course you can stay for all five days as well. Besides speakers from our center we also got external speakers. All talks will be in English, the course is free for all audiences of course.

If you have any questions regarding any of these events, do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to see you there!