A Glimpse at OpenMP for Accelerators (aka OpenACC v2?)

During our OpenACC Workshop I contributed a brief talk on the current status of the OpenMP for Accelerators proposal. It caused some interest, because if successful, this proposal will be the de-facto successor of OpenACC, fully integrated into the rest of OpenMP. Hence I wanted to share this slide deck, but please understand that some of the information presented in there is changing on a daily base! We expect the concepts to remain valid, but i.e. the spelling seems to change quite quickly – understand this slide deck as a snapshot of October 11th, 2012. I once was critical how OpenACC was born, but since came to realize it was a good move and helped a lot to gain experiences with a pragma-based paradigm to program accelerators. Furthermore, users have something to work with already, instead of still waiting for a standard to be completed…

The OpenMP for Accelerators subcommittee is run by James Beyer (Cray) and Eric Stotzer (TI), who do a great job of documenting the current state of the discussion. This made it pretty easy for me to compile the slide deck and keep colleagues as well as users informed.

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