Talks and Misc


C. Terboven: Parallel Programming for More than HPC. HPC Seminar at Universite de Reims Champagne Ardenne. 15.09. 2023 in Reims, France. [slides (en)]

C. Terboven: ENSIMA: Energieoptimiertes High-Performance Computing für Finite-Elemente Simulationen in der Produktentwicklung. Digitale Fachtagung „Green ICT 2023 – Nachhaltige Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien“ des BMBF. 07.03.2023. Online. [slides (en)] [event homepage (en)]

C. Terboven: Programming Systems for Heterogeneous Memory Architectures. Invited Talk: aristote Workshop on HPC challenges for new extreme scale applications. 07.03.2023 in Paris, France. [slides (en)] [event homepage (en)]


C. Terboven, J. Klinkenberg: OpenMP Affinity Subcommittee Report. OpenMP BoF at The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC22). 16.11.2022 in Dallax, TX, USA. [slides (en)]

C. Terboven: Exploiting Heterogeneous Shared Memory Architectures. Invited Talk: PPAM 2022. Online. 13.09.2022. [slides (en)] [event homepage (en)]

I served on the IEEE Cluster 2022 Technical Committee in the role of a Workshop Co-Chair. The conference took place in Heidelberg, Germany, and hosted four well-attended workshops.

C. Terboven, J. Klinkenberg: OpenMP Affinity Subcommittee Report. OpenMP BoF at The ISC High Performance 2022. 31.05.2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. [slides (en)]

C. Terboven: Offloading in OpenMP. NHR PerfLab Seminar. Online. [slides (en)] [event homepage (en)]


C. Terboven, J. Hahnfeld: An Environment for Interactive Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP. Talk: FOSDEM’21. Online. 07.02.2021. [slides (en)] [video (en)] [event homepage (en)]

C. Terboven, M. Klemm: EUROfusion OpenMP on GPUs webinars. EUROfusion webinar series. Online. [event homepage (en)] [material on github (en)]
27.01.2021: Introduction to OpenMP, part 1. [slides (en)]
16.02.2021: Introduction to OpenMP, part 2. [slides (en)]
16.03.2021: Introduction to OpenMP, part 3. [slides (en)]
21.04.2021: GPU Programming with OpenMP, part 1. [slides (en)]
25.05.2021: GPU Programming with OpenMP, par 2. [slides (en)]

C. Terboven: Tasking in OpenMP 5.0. NHR PerfLab Seminar. Online. [event homepage (en)]


C. Terboven: OpenMP 5.0 and Beyond: Taking Good Care of the Node in Exascale? Invited Talk: HUAWEI HPC Workshop 2020. Online. 29.10.2020. [slides (en)]

C. Terboven, J. Miller: Neuigkeiten in parallelen Programmiermodellen: was ist noch vermittelbar? HPC-Statuskonferenz der Gauß-Allianz. Online. 01.10.2020. [slides (de)] [event homepage (de)]

C. Terboven, J. Miller, L. Oden: Interaktive und kollaborative parallele Programmierung in der Lehre. Virtuelles Treffen der Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme der Gesellschaft für Informatik. Online. 25.09.2020. [slides (de)] [event homepage (de)]